Friday, June 30, 2006

food for thought

"Each of us is running the race God has marked out for her. This race is not determined by the good or evil actions of others, no matter who they are or how much power they hold over us. Neither do we run wherever we please. God has planned our race, and he is carrying out his plan--a plan that guarantees our good and his glory. Nothing--not principalities or powers, not the devil himself, not even we--can throw God off his plan or prevent him from accomplishing his good purposes for us. We run a planned race...

...[If] God is sovereign, then plan B is a myth. No matter how dark things look to us, or how big the mess we're in, we're in plan A. God's plan for us is intact, proceeding exactly as he intended, neither behind nor ahead but right on schedule. Nothing--not our sins, failures, disappointments, bad decisions, nor the sins of others against us--can deter a sovereign God from accomplishing his purposes."

from When Life and Beliefs Collide by Carolyn Custis James

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


After viewing the preview for a new movie coming out, The Holiday, a friend and I decided it would be smarter to move to England than LA...

trick mirrors

Whenever I go to try on clothes at stores like Ann Taylor, the mirrors are set at an angle so that you look thinner than you are. Good trick, since it will make you more likely to buy the clothes.

I've been working out like crazy recently, going to the gym almost everyday. I've also been eating right and trying to be healthier with my choices. I have lost some weight, definitely, and that makes me feel good because it's working.

When I'm at the gym, I use free weights for part of my routine. I like to stand in front of the mirror to make sure my form is correct. One thing I've noticed is that I look so slim in those mirrors. I think, "hey, good lookin'!" Okay, not really, but I'm impressed with what I see. But when I get home and look in my bathroom mirror, it's a different story. I'm not quite so impressed.

Okay, who messed with the bathroom mirror?! Because the gym mirror obviously has to be the truest one, right?

my 15 minutes

You know the old saying "everyone gets a shot at 15 minutes of fame"? I had mine this past Saturday. I volunteered to do some community service. Check out the article about the event.

Notice the photo with the article. Yeah, that's me with the black shorts and gray shirt. Figures that my 15 minutes would be of my backside!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy father's day?

I was in church this morning and the pastor started out by saying, "It's a very special day today." I thought, "huh?" and racked my brain trying to figure out what the date was.

He continues: "The US Open is being played today."

Oh, I get it, he's making a joke.

"And the Mavs play tonight."

Again, adding to the sports banter he likes to add to some of his sermons.

Then, the shocker: "And it's Father's Day!"

Oops! Did he just say Father's Day?! I'm thinking to myself. Please realize, it's easy for me to forget holidays that involve fathers but I felt like such a dope for some reason. So, in light of it being a holiday dedicated to those Dads in our lives...

Happy Father's Day, God!!!:-)
Props to Abba for sending Jesus to save me:) I love you!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I used to have a friend named Karen. She was a regular on Blogger. Has anyone seen her?! If so, please tell her to UPDATE HER BLOG!

Love you, Karebear!:-)

Friday, June 16, 2006

more kitty pics!

Simba on top of the couch, waiting to pounce

how could you not love that face?!

Ginger, doing what she does best...lounging around! I love her belly!!!

checking things out outside

so, what do you think?

of the new 'do, that is:) I just got it cut and styled today so I thought I'd take a picture to show everyone because it will never look like this again (too bad my stylist doesn't live with me...). I kind of have bangs (you can't see them that well); it's the swept bang look. I think I like it!

PS--Does anyone know how to get rid of the white spaces when cropping a pic?


I hate the fact that I don't have a light over my washing machine. The closet where the washer and dryer are located is very dark.

I am doing laundry today and washed a load of darks. After I cleared out the washer, I started running hot water and poured in some bleach; time to do the whites. As the washer starts to fill up and I'm sorting through the clothes I want to throw in, I notice that there is something dark rising in the water. I grabbed it and burned myself because the water is so hot. But the burn was nothing compared to the pit in my stomach when I realized which article of clothing it was...a t-shirt that I bought from the Universidad de Sevilla when I was there on a summer mission trip in college. Sure, it's an old shirt, but it is my favorite t-shirt ever! This is an amazing piece of clothing. It has barely faded in the 9 years I've owned it, and there are no holes. It has retained it's shape and is super soft and comfy. I don't wear it out really, just to lounge around the house. But it holds so many memories! I rinsed it out in the tub hoping to undo some of the damage. Now I have a navy t-shirt with orangish spots all over it. Ugh!

Any suggestions? Do you think if I dye it navy it will work?

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I've been MIA again lately, sorry! Here's a recap of my life the last few weeks:

School ended! It was super stressful at the end but I am enjoying my vacation:)

I took 4 students to a leadership camp last week. We had a blast! These kids are super motivated and want to change the world, such a refreshing change from what I usually see in my classroom. We laughed a lot! And they can not handle Dublin Dr. Pepper without getting super hyper...Has anyone ever heard of Dublin D.P.? Dublin is where the largest D.P. bottling plant is located. They have a special formula that using cane sugar instead of corn syrup and it's a speciality found only in Dublin and speciality stores elsewhere. It has a different taste which I actually like.

I turned 30 a week ago. The actual day was fun. I was still at camp and my kids made me wear a ribbon that said, "birthday girl". They also embarrassed me by singing "happy birthday" several times. I recieved numerous phone calls which was so fun. Upon my return home, I had lots of cards to read. I felt very celebrated. To top it all off, co-workers took me out for dinner at one of my fave spots, Red Lobster, yum!

I hate to admit it, but I love driving big, gas hogging SUV's! I drove a Suburban to the camp and it was awesome! I loved being so high up in the air and it drove really comfortably. Don't worry, I'm not going to rush out and buy one. The gas alone would put me in debt! It was fun while it lasted though, and then when I got back into my own car I felt like I was on the ground.

That's all the updates I have for now. This week I'm just enjoying the free time and doing lots of reading. Next week I really want to get into doing some lesson planning so I can be prepared next year! (we'll see if this really happens...)


Now, that's what I call relaxing!