Saturday, August 21, 2004

My life is so boring...

Wow, you lose internet access and then your blog goes downhill. The sad thing is that I haven't written in so long and yet I don't have one interesting thing to say. Hmmm, I could tell you about my first hurricane, but I figured by now everyone has heard about it and doesn't really want to hear more. I am safe and sound, so no worries.

The job hunt continues and I came to realization that I may not have enough to cover the rent, which is really scary. I have never been in this situation before. I am praying that my money will stretch as far as it can and that God will provide a job this week, even if just a temp job. I will take just about anything at this point, just as long as I make some money so that I can live. Being jobless creates such added stress in my life; I'm already a pretty tightly wound up person although my friends would probably be surprised to hear me say that. I can come off being totally laid back and cool about things, but inside I am tied up in knots and unable to sleep at nights. I know that I will find something, even if it means 7/11 or McDonald's. Besides, it might not be about the actual job, but the people I'm around and the opportunities that God puts out there for me to reach out to others.

Monday, August 02, 2004

St. Augustine

We went to St. Augustine this weekend. It was a fun trip. The day was hot but beautiful and the town is so quaint. I love the Spanish tiles and architecture. There are so many cheesy shops, though. I love the history, but the shops kind of ruin the feel of it. Plus, you have to pay to do just about everything. The day was great though and what made it so great was the people I was with:)

One of the most interesting parts of the trip was where we ate dinner. We went to the World Famous Oasis. I think they gave themselves that name, because the only things it was famous for was its bad service and terrible food. But my friend's got their salads for free after I complained for them. I hate bad customer service. The thing about places like that is that their main business is tourists, so they're not counting on much repeat business. They don't really care if their service is bad. So sad. It was memorable to say the least!