Monday, May 25, 2009

it's a typical situation...

Okay, I'm declaring war! I'm sick and tired of always being tired and feeling blah. The blah is more to do with a physical blah. My poor body desperately wants to work out but I am usually so dang tired that it's all I can do to drive myself home after opening shift.

I just went to the grocery store and spent a lot of money on some healthier options. If I have fruit and veggies in the fridge to snack on, I won't eat cereal or something fattening as often. It really needs to be a conscious effort. Most of the time I am so tired that I can't even make it to the grocery store; tonight, though, I knew it was a dire situation and that if I didn't go, I'd be eating some sort of Mother Hubbard style breakfast tomorrow.

When the semester ended, I was so looking forward to having more free time so that I could focus on getting myself back in shape and eating better. Instead, summer classes have proven to be bigger bears than I thought and I'm just as swamped as I was during the semester. I need a vacation!

Next summer I'm not sure I'll do the class thing. I really want to go overseas again. I miss speaking Spanish so I want to go to a Latin American country. I'll have to look into missions trips but the problem isn't finding one because there are tons to choose from. I'm getting way ahead of myself, though...still have a loooong time before next summer!

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